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Re: If star trek 2 is successful could CBS make more star trek attract

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There probably won't be another Trek show for at least several years, if ever. CBS doesn't exactly look like a company that takes risks. They're happy enough to let Paramount do the heavy lifting and remastering TNG in HD (with DS9/VOY probably to follow) takes care of the HD content problem. Remastering the old shows is probably cheaper and much less risky than creating a all-new show.
I've said it before in another thread, I think Deep Space Nine will be a barometer on whether we get new, live-action Trek in the near future.

If CBS decides to remaster it, that means they are generating a good profit margin from the HD upgrades and won't see a need to start up a new series that would be nothing but competition for streaming, syndication and home-video dollars.

They won't make the mistakes Paramount did with oversaturating the market.
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