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I agree. Whenever I see there's a new post in this thread I end up disappointed because they aren't about the show anymore.

On that note, are there any news about a Blu-Ray/DVD release? And how are you guys holding up now that we've entered the long time of no new episodes? I've become addicted to show-related posts on tumblr.
I've just rewatched my personal favorite episode.. the one where it's about the killing of Osama and i'm still amazed about the perfect balance of seriousness, relationship stuff and humor (i still laugh hard when the boss finds out that stoned Will McAvoy is sitting on an email for 20 minutes by Biden confirming the kill.. "Are you kidding me?" ).

Alongside House of Lies it is the discovery i made last TV season and just as with House of Lies, Californication, Game of Thrones or True Blood i make do not seeing them for nearly a year.

Actually it is a good balance between fall/winter TV shows which end usually in May, then a small gap until June/July and when the summer shows finish it's again a small 1-2 month gap until fall season again.

Still doesn't make it easy but seeing them again is so much fun that i forget about the dry spell.
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