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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I thought this might interest some people. Since it's on Daily Motion, there shouldn't be any trouble viewing it for those viewers outside of the UK.

Basically, it's a documentary following a well known British (on the circuit, anyway) pro wrestling family. You may recognise that the daughter is current NXT Diva - Paige. This documentary highlights the eccentricities of the WWE hiring process for new talent, and does a great job at showing some of the differences between American and British pro wrestling.

The most fascinating and slightly troubling part for me was that the son - Zak Knight, impressed the WWE scouts, but was told to come back when he gained something like 20lbs of lean muscle, despite the fact he was ripped to an athletic standard already. Lean muscle mass is incredibly hard to gain, some people just cannot get above a certain lean weight and as a result, familiar performance-enhancing drugs are used. Sure, some people like Brock Lesnar are genetic anomalies, in that they are naturally able to build themselves up to 270+ lbs of pure muscle mass, but for many, it's a futile task.

This is one of the things that really irks me about WWE. A person can have an sculpted body that fits with the majority perception of an athlete, but are told it isn't good enough and don't recieve any interest from WWE. There are so many names on the indy circuit who would be assets to WWE, yet the best they can strive towards is TNA, which isn't exactly known for developing unknowns. All this is due to WWE's ridiculous ideas (and expectations) about wrestlers bodies and muscular mass.
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