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Re: Religion & DS9

I liked it a little better than TNG's take on religion, because so many of their episodes had the same idea again and again.

TNG usually stuck with the "poor superstitious primitives" routine with the ultimate ending, 'religion is usually bad or for the naive'.

It was really strong in the first 4 seasons.

Ds9 got more into the meat of the topic. particularly with that awkward scene between Winn and Keiko in the classroom.

Ahead of its time, since there seems to be a revival of this topic in real life right now.

It funny how the Bajorans don't have to question the reality of the beings they worship.

But they have to question whether they're being ignorant of worshiping aliens who are simply advanced life forms, who are barely aware of their existence.
That made them appear very naive and childlike at times.

And then you got "Accession" where they reinstated the Bajoran caste system.

One Bajoran pushes priest off a ledge killing him, because he belonged to an unclean caste, and refused to resign.

And He admitted it calmly as if he was explaining what he had just eaten for breakfast.
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