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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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Because they didn't put Scott Bakula in figure hugging lycra. The bastards.
I was trying to put a bloke on the spot.

It's not funny when a girl answers such a not so loaded question.

What T'Pol wore was the standard uniform to begin with, later she was dressed in just as form fitting civies. Although how often did we see a male Vulcan in a uniform identical to what they issued T'Pol in the early seasons?

TNG moved beyond sexual stereotypes from first principles because they had dudes in mini skirts.

Of course, then Berman took over.

Besides, Scott did a playgirl centrefold in the 80s, if you want to see alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll of him, then you're a quick google search away from quite a spectacle.

For all the talk of 'apparant nudity' with jolene, did you see Dominc Keating on Prison Break? The man did not know what a shirt was! That season was set in South America, damn hot, so he might not have even owned a shit, Dom just spent all day oiling himself up and playing soccer.
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