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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

There is a sense of hurry in the episode - but that is a human instinct, to get out of danger as fast as possible. Spock if anybody should be able to calmly assess the facts of the matter and decide that, counterintuitively, staying put is the sensible thing to do. A major dramatic opportunity is lost here...

Phasers can be drained for fuel (or other sort of takeoff oomph) in a few hours, which means this need not take place until a few hours before takeoff. Which could happen a week from the funeral.

OTOH, phasers have never been indicated to suffer from lack of ammo in preceding episodes, and later ones will show they are good for thousands of kills. In the episode, we fail to see even a single kill - but OTOH we fail to see any sort of physical damage e.g. to the shield of one of the beasts, heavily indicating our heroes are using the stun setting. "Disintegrate" would not distinguish between strong and weak opponents! Plus, even a single established kill would raise morale on the hero side and drop it on the villain side, so an outright attack met by a determined phaser defense would actually be highly desirable.

In fact, Spock says there were "several hundred Yang bodies" that they discovered near several discharged phaser packs. Who knows precisely how many were killed per power pack, but it's definitely not in the thousands.
Why not? A clean kill in TOS does not leave a body!

the power would need to be conserved
This is never stated in the episode.

As it was, they barely had enough to get into orbit and landing was theorized to be very rough, if Spock hadn't jettisoned the fuel and ignited it.
Getting to the orbit was a frivolous exercise in the first place. The castaways had no need to get into space, other than to get out of the reach of the cavemen - and that would have been far better achieved by camping out and slaying any approaching giants. Leave it to Kirk to effect the actual extraction, as he's so much better equipped to achieve it.

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