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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

Of course there is evidence against a dozen other starship captains at Starbase 11 at the time: Why bring in starship captains with active duty (and thus immobilize their starships!) if there are other idle starship captains available at port, waiting for the end of repairs on their ships?!
The members of the jury were specifically shipped in (our heroes waited for them to "arrive"), so we have no reason to assume they would have been picked randomly from a locally available pool under any circumstances. Hence, we can tell nothing of the locally available pool. For all we know, it was absolutely necessary to get a Space Command Representative there, as well as two skippers of a very specific personal background (say, unrelated to Kirk's career, familiar with Kirk, whatever).

there seems to be a difference between a cruiser and a starship (whatever that may be)
Intriguingly, in TNG "Peak Performance", the (civilian?) tactical advisor Kolrami feels the need to specify that the opposing ship in the war games is a "star cruiser". Quite possibly, people of both the central Trek eras use the term "cruiser" ambiguously, for both civilian and military vessels (as Kirk felt the tiny Aurora in "Way to Eden" was one!), and when there is any chance of confusion, the prefix "star" establishes a Starfleet identity for a vessel.

So here we have a "star ship status" chart. The space between the first two words might be crucial: a starship is a specific type, a star ship is a ship belonging to Starfleet - say, a starship, a star cruiser, a star destroyer, a star frigate, or perhaps a star transport.

As USS Intrepid (NCC-1631) is not on this repair list (only Enterprise happens to be there by coincidence) the list does not indicate starships "stranded" for repair work.
A ship with the number NCC-1*31 does appear on the chart - and it would be the height of illogic not to have the Intrepid there, as Stone apparently makes these reshuffling decisions by looking at that very chart. "Coincidence" is the last resort if explanations more befitting the drama of the situation are also easily available.

Timo Saloniemi
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