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Re: Thor 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2013

Chris Evans was recently discussing the Avengers deleted scenes and how the themes they covered would be dealt with in CA:TWS, but the most interesting tid-bit to me was the possibility of a cameo in Thor: The Dark World.

In other exciting news, Evans said there’s a chance he could have a cameo in Thor: The Dark World. We already saw Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. in The Incredible Hulk, Jeremy Renner in Thor and Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2, so why not continue the trend with more crossovers after The Avengers? Evans and Chris Hemsworth apparently had the same idea, and decided it could be fun to do one prior to Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting theaters.

“I would love to do a little thing in Thor 2,” Evans said. “It is obviously going to be tricky trying to work out the plot, the reason why I am not there to help him, and why he is not there to help me. But the best thing about Marvel is that, like I said, the movies were so good and we had such a good time making them."
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