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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

There is also the fact that the film said Spock's emergence point was in the Neutral Zone.
...A location historically established as teeming with Klingon warships!

That is, it would in fact be ideal for the purposes of the plot if both Nero and Spock departed the future at a spot proximal to the poor, late Romulus, and emerged at the very same spot in the past - a spot close to Vulcan, but also challenged by Klingons who, as per ST2 at least, are keen on loitering where the Treaty of Algeron (at least later) forbids Romulan and Federation forces from being.

Section 31 considered that as grounds to investigate whether or not Bashir was a Dominion spy.
...An issue never quite resolved!

It might well be that a Changeling was supposed to replace not just Bashir (in a type of mission that would inevitably result in the agent's cover being blown, along with Bajor's star) but also Garak, and the runabout was waiting for the made-up "daring escape". While Garak later on did act somewhat suspiciously, we would probably be best off speculating that the Dominion plan failed in this respect, and it was the real Garak who escaped after all.

Well, whatever they were doing, Nero lost an ear tip during that time.
Amusingly enough, we don't know even that much. After all, the movie has a scene or two where the missing ear is reversed, forcing us to believe that the tip isn't missing all the time. Perhaps Nero wears a prosthesis that itches, so he frequently removes it? Thus, any "early" scene of him showing an intact ear fails to be proof of his ear being intact "back then".

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