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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

Man, lot of Whedon angst in this thread. Luckily for me the second I found out about a twist of some sort in this flick I went into media blackout and so enjoyed this movie. Somehow i missed the trailer which was just as well I think. I just found it fun, I wasn't needing it to be profound or anything, though there was some food for thought to snack on in there.

I was smiling just seeing Topher and Amy Acker who got more than her fair share of adorable at birth. I think she must of stolen my share. And Trekker speaking of adorable I was surprised to see Kristen Connolly's age. I've always been a sucker for a girl in Mary Janes. Not to leave out the guys that's my favorite Chris Hemsworth role by far, I guess he's not made of wood after all. Loved the surprise guest star.

Maybe those horrors are what Angel and company were going to engage in the ending of Angel.

The bit with the Japanese schoolgirl horror cracked me up.

As an aside, Tucker and Dale vs Evil is another fun twist on cabin horror with Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine.

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