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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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Why is it only Seven (And sometimes T'Pol) who is burdened with this accusation of T&A Outfit.
Because 7's breasts are the biggest. This is why people don't complain about Kira's skin tight suit at all.

Some women's breasts are big. Why are they penalized for wearing close fitting clothes when small breasted women can wear the same clothes and receive no comment?
I seem to remember several people having to duck for fear of being slapped by Deanna's breasts.

They did nothing with Deana's character to raise her above Catsuit, and she had not only the breasts, but, the other curves, too, and...unlike the other 3 didn't really get any great writing, but, was shown bending over and flexing often, while the other three weren't subjected to that

And truly, Doctor Crusher, how were her breasts and curves any less accentuated at least half of her screen time? I remember a much more form fitting/"Look at me" top on her, then say Dax.
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