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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

*Disclaimer* Gay Male, commenting on 7of9 despite previous instructions not (Though a couple straight men have already weighed in, so...)

Yes, the outfit was meant to show off her T&A, obviously. But, why do we believe her T&A was anymore highlighted then Troi, T'Pol (and though not quite as bad, still pretty damned suggestive) Kira? Yea, obviously the heels were too much (desperate Bean Counters have shoved this into many Series)

T'pol and Kira were both served well as characters in their writing, as was 7of9. IMHO Troi was the worst T&A offense, because the writers didn't develop her as well as the 3 others, and even with a Captain (Jellico) who didn't want to see her goods, she still pushed the cat suit on him. At least with 7, they attempted to excuse it "In-Universe" with the Medical and Storage explanations, though Kira and T'pol were both treated pretty well developmentally with the writing, there was no attempt at giving them a reason for being dressed like that. Why is it only Seven (And sometimes T'Pol) who is burdened with this accusation of T&A Outfit.

I did enjoy Kes, and think she really got screwed in her final season, and so much more could've been done with her, but, I don't bias myself against Seven because of it. Though I don't see her return as the Sacrilege many other fans see (I think it was natural to see her Alzheimer's Disease without a companion to keep her from going off the deep end)

Seven was a very well developed character and had a nice redemption arc. I don't believe any other female Regular character in all of Trek was developed any better in the writing/Arc (Again, yes T'Pol and Kira were treated just as well)

Yea, Chakotay/7 was wrong, but, that was such a small part of what the character gave us.
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