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Re: Could the Doctor be a horse?

I'm a doctor, not a camel!

You could place a mobile emitter on a projection of Superman to get out of the desert (or Captain Proton, assuming there was a hologram programmed to play that part, since Tom was usually the one portraying Proton) or the Rocketeer!

I know what you mean, there have been a few instances in Trek books- in Voyager's case, mostly during the 2-part Homecoming & Farther Shore- where I've been left with some big questions.
For instance (potential spoilers ahead)
one part about how Janeway was glad that, conveniently no questions had been asked by Starfleet about her involvement with a known holographic-rights terrorist, because they didn't ask just how it was she was able to slip past security. How convenient!

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the fact that the aforementioned 2-parter picked up where the finale had left off, even if Neelix had been disappointingly absent from the story.
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