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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

My problem with Marauders wasn't the execution but the fact that the story has been told so many times and ENT didn't even try to give it a twist or something to make it more interesting. It's like they had a deadline and one of the writers was watching 7 Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, A Bug's Life, ect and just said "screw it" and threw this together.

The first time I watched ENT was a few years ago over a couple months on DVD so when I would finish an episode like this I would just roll my eyes and move on to the next one but if I was watching while the show was airing I coud see myself wondering "is this really all they could come up with"? and no longer tuning in. Luckily with DVD their was an end in sight so I pushed through the first 2 mediocre seasons and got to the awesomeness that is seasons 3 & 4.
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