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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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A lot of people have said that Kes is attractive, but I dunno... sure she's cute in a childish sort of way, but that's exactly the point... childish demeanor and behavior, no matter how smart she may be, is just kind of a turnoff.
I never found Kes's demeanor or behavior to be the least bit childish. She always projected a maturity and wisdom beyond either the character's or the actress's years. I can't imagine how anything about her personality could be characterized as childish. Now, Tom -- he was childish. Harry could be childlike in his naivete. Neelix could be childish in his petulance and insecurity. But Kes? Never.

She could have been a very intriguing character if the writers had any sense of direction with her...
I think she was an intriguing character, but I agree, the writers didn't know how to make good use of her. Here was this gifted young woman who only had a few years to live, who should've been hungry for every experience she could cram into her brief span, and yet they just had her hang around in sickbay for three years.
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