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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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It took me a while to even realize Wray was supposed to be a leader.

SO.. where was Tamara when she was in the Nexus with her baby? Is her baby really alive somewhere?
She was in the ship. It was a hallucination induced by the ship's AI to keep her from falling to pieces (at least until the dead guys from the Obelisk planet returned and blew that story to hell.).

Speaking of TJ, anyone else think that the writers were piling shit on her when they added that pointless ALS subplot thing? There's only so much tragedy one character can have before it becomes ridiculous and they passed that point with TJ.
Oh. Well now, quite some time after seeing that episode, I can feel terrible over her baby dying. Which I didn't feel at the time because the blow was sidestepped by the Nexus

As to the ALS.. I don't think I'd be crying all the time like she was if I was in that situation. I'd be thinking, well there WAS nothing I could do about this on earth but since I'm on this super Ancients vessel I actually have a better chance. Best get cracking.. of course she could have just reached her limit of what she could cope with.

Anyone else think that everyone would have popped out of the stasis pods after 3 years completely cured of anything that was wrong with them?

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