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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

^ I agree.


I applaud what this episode was supposed to accomplish dramatically, but it just didn’t get there for me. My only question is when they moved everything, wouldn't the Klingon ship be able to detect that the longitude and lattitude of their location was a little different? I mean, if they're being beamed down, that has to be to a specific set of coordinates, right? If they were beamed to the same coordinates as before, then things would have looked different because everything moved. I don't know if I missed something or not. It's just odd that their first indication that something was off was that the pumps were silent.

Grade: C minus

The Seventh

Archer gets on my nerves. T'Pol, as a courtesy, tells him that he's going to be contacted by his Admiral. He then presses her for details beyond what he knows he's supposed to know (at least from her), because if the Admiral isn't going to tell you, then it's probably not information you absolutely need to know. I honestly think that Archer lets his emotions govern his way of doing things way too much, and it sometimes is the cause of poor decision making or, in this case, placing his first officer in a very uncomfortable and unfair position of having to choose sides when that's not necessary. She could have been instructed not to give out classified information, like in the past, but Archer wouldn't care about that because he feels like he should know, like in the past. I can understand not liking being left out of the loop, especially when you're the Captain of the ship that's being relied upon, but then go through the appropriate channels for that; don't abuse your science officer by placing her in positions where you're pressing her to violate orders she's been given by her other superiors. At least she held her own and didn't budge one bit, at first...

Oh, and then there was the rest of the episode...

Grade: D plus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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