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^That is strangely comforting. Personally I have a really hard time understanding the appeal of MMOs and I'd hate to see Mass Effect go down that road.

As for you other point; I think cases like the successful Fallout revival (so far..ish. MMO still a distic danger IIRC) and Deus Ex are the exception rather than the rule. Most of the recent spate of revivals and further "franchising" of existing IPs has been decidedly rocky...the new X-Com looks promising though...

Incidentally what happened to 'Valkyria Chronicles'? I only got a PS3 a few months back and that was one of the first games I bought for it. Loving it so far, though I'm a bit stuck on that mission with the ridiculously giganomous tank thing...have they cacked up the sequels already?
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