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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

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To meet Spock?
Nero doesn't have to enter Klingon space to meet Spock.

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Now, we don't have a specific reason to think that Nero and Spock would have emerged from the future at separate locations.
Actually, we do:

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On the other hand, it was said in the 2258 emergence scene that Nero had predicted the location of Spock's appearance, not just the time.
There is also the fact that the film said Spock's emergence point was in the Neutral Zone. This nomenclature, according to its typical use from TNG onward, means the Romulan Neutral Zone; where the film's script refers to the other Neutral Zone we know about, it uses the term "Klingon Neutral Zone", though this reference did not appear in the film. It seems that Nero emerged on the Federation side of the border anyway, as evidenced by the walla heard on the Kelvin, so that alone would put them in different locations. We can also see this from the implied connection ( in the Federation's perception ) between the "lightning storm" in the Neutral Zone and the reports of seismic activity on Vulcan, since we know from Unification that Vulcan and the RNZ are in relative spatial proximity.
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