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Re: Lost Girl--Season 3?

Trick used to be the complete ruler of the light fey. Then he fucked up. Recently he learnt that his fuck up was far worse than he thought which reopened the wounds terribly... The Ash is a "regional" leader who still takes orders from Europe and some council. What the limits are of the region which the Ash controls have not been quantified. Canada? North America, or the entire American Continent? Hells s/he might just be the Mayor of Ontario(where it's filmed, but where is Lost Girl set?), and the next city over has a similar tribal feudal war shit going on. Trick becoming Ash would be an incredible demotion.

Imagine Bill Clinton Running for Alderman in Cleveland.

Hale on the other hand is being groomed.

Hale's actor CK Collins was running about in the back ground of Saving Hope too.

The lad likes to work.
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