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Nice to see they finally got the 'Omega DLC' announcement out of the way. I wonder what took them so long, I mean it was hardly a secret, no?

As I said in the DA3 thread, the departure of Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk isn't exactly encouraging in light of the direction Bioware has taken these last few years. If anything I feel this could be worse for the ME team than the DA team since they at least appear to have a firm grip on what they're doing. To be fair though, it's a little hard to gauge things on the ME side since Walters & Hudson appear to have withdrawn from interacting with fans since ME3's launch (even before the ending poo hit the tri-coloured fan.) What precious little I have seen/heard from them since the launch (other than the standard canned PR responses) makes me think they knew they screwed themselves with ME3, but couldn't really do much to avoid it.

It's curious that these two teams have taken seemingly diametric opposite approaches to how they're dealing with fan feedback in regards to developing new content. While the DA guys are actively--even voraciously--seeking the opinions of all comers, the ME team seem to have adopted a bit of a fortress mentality. Probably because it's been a fair while since DA2 came out and the backlash was several orders of magnitude less severe than what the ME3 devs found themselves on the receiving end of...but still, doesn't bode well in the long run.

Personally I hope whatever they decide to do with the Mass Effect franchise from here on out lives up to or even exceeds the standards set by the first trilogy, but I can't help but feel wary of further disappointment. Time will tell.

Oh and here's the link for anyone wondering what the hell we're going on about.
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