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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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It would be cool if the new movie trailer premiered on the S2 set, but I seriously doubt it would happen.
I seriously hope not. I like Season 2 TNG. I can't ******* stand JJ-drek. Let's keep good and crap apart.
It would be cool to see the new trailer on the set---but only if it was on the first disc. Nothing like what was done with the TOS Movie Blu-Ray set where each disc opened with the exact same trailer---I could at least understand if it was just on the discs for Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan, The Voyage Home & Undiscovered Country (since those have been released seperately), but all 6 was tooo much.

I would say that the best episode of Season 2 was The Outrageous Okona! "I'm annoyed because you're a droid!"
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