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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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"The Downmix to Stereo section of this panel allows the user to specify the appropriate parameters for the downmix as shown in Figure 7-18 ... The values specified for the L, R, C, LFE, Ls and Rs denote their respective contributions to the output mix for the Left and Right stereo channels."
The quality of the audio sent over analog RCA jacks depends, of course, on the quality of the digital-to-analog converter in the player. I agree that it certainly can sound just as good over analog cables... but then again, I never said it couldn't.
They can be, but most of the time they aren't, or the person doing the encode, especially on a disc where there is already a seperate 2.0 track, just throws a bunch of numbers into the section. And the TNG discs have not had their 7.1 mixes encoded for 2.0 mixdown; the encoders have left that up to the machine to do, just as Blu-ray and DVD players have been doing since 1997 with DD or DTS 6/5.1 mixes. So with the TNG sets you are losing information, just like you were if you listened to the 2002 5.1 mixes via the RCA connectors.
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