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Re: VOY Caption This 87; A Wise Man Once Said...

Much to Neelix's dismay, Mr. Vulcan was highly adept at "hide and seek."

Voyager was shocked to learn that DS9 didn't abruptly drop their Maquis storylines with the inclusion of the Dominion arc.

"Really, Ensign? Using the MIDAS Array to plead with a Starfleet Admiral to go above Captain Janeway's head and order her to promote you? Not on my watch."

Tuvok was not amused when Tom Paris swapped out his data PADD with an notebook and oversized pencil.

"Here, Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay are sitting down to a nice meal. But, little does the Captain know, we've switched out her regular coffee with Leola Root decaffeinated coffee crystals."
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