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Re: TNG two parters were better than TNG movies!

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The TV show on the other hand was NOT guaranteed by any stretch.The studio wouldn't abandon Star Trek movies , but one bad TV season finale and the jigs up. Since the series could be cancelled by the studio at the end of a season, the writers and creative staff got their sh-t together for the TNG two parters;because it would be the bread lines for them if they put up schlock for a season finale.
I don't think they would have based such a decision on a single episode. Fire the producers, replace the cast for the 2nd half sure, wouldn't put that past them, but they still would have resolved it. A luxury many shows axed on a cliffhanger don't get.

IIRC correctly Season 5 was never supposed to end on a cliffhanger, but then people thought with DS9 starting up TNG was ending. And season 6 I don't think everyone was under contract for season 7 at the time.

I find the movies easier to sit back and enjoy. Maybe because they are on TV more often.

They did abandon the movies, as far as TNG was concerned.
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