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Re: Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series stand

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^^ I'm with you.. I loved the movie and I actually thought it was better than Part IV... I thought the plot was pretty good, making it more than just an escape movie.. Of course, if you try to think about it too hard, it falls a little flat, but I was glad to find some substance and that they tied it in to the first other movies pretty well with plot elements and characters.

I missed having Claire and Chris in this one, but really, there'd be nothing for them to do. This was about messing with Alice and having her mess with them back. I would bet that they'll be back in Part VI... Shall we take bets on the title?

RE: Requiem
RE: Endgame
RE: Restitution
RE: No Jacket Required
RE: Alice's Restaurant
RE: Whatever Happened to Alice?

Then there's always:

RE: Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore
RE: Alice Aforethought
RE: Quantum of Alice

And my personal favorite:

RE: Night Of The Living Alice
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At least the video games have decent puzzles to solve. This film lacks even the most basic of plots.
Not true. It has the same basic plot as all the other movies, and the game, which is "They's a bunch of dead people runnin' around tryin' to eat folks! Shoot em and run!" And I would argue you don't need to be standing around trying to solve intricate puzzles when they's a bunch of dead people runnin' around tryin' to eat folks. ("Hmm, let's see...two brothers standing in front of the exits, one always lies..." GRRRAAAAHH! Crunch!)
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