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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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McCoy is just scrappy and doesn't care what he says to anyone - it is his one fearlessness.
I love McCoy but sometimes I find him to be so self-righteous that it corrodes his capacity of seeing things from more perspectives than his own, sometimes making him very unilateral.

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I like when he says what everyone else is thinking but won't say. Don't we all know someone like that and smile inside when they do it?
I guess I am the only one, but I've had even more such experiences with Spock actually.
As have I. I think that people tend to remember McCoy's statements because they're often extremely dramatic, whereas Spock's are not, but that distinction doesn't diminish the value of Spock's statements, nor does it undermine the honesty behind them. His interactions with Kirk in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The City on the Edge of Forever" are excellent examples of his ability to cut through irrelevancies and focus only on the truth of a particular situation.
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