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Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

And so Jeff Probst said "Let There Be Another Survivor." And there was. Yay.

Greetings folks, this is your one stop thread for all things related to the 25th season of Survivor, taking place this year in the Phillipines.

A few notable things this year - three previous contestants who were forced from the game due to injury are returning. They are Mike the Pig Killer, Older Blue Eyes Jonathon and Dehydrated Russell.

2 other notables are Blair from The Facts of Life (I was hoping for Tootie) and former MLB NL MVP Jeff Kent who has made more than $40 million over his so so baseball career.

Hidden Immunity Idols aren't really idols anymore rather everyday pieces of equipment, like the top of a coffee pot. I'm interested to see how that works.

Back are underwater challenges as the last few locations didn't allow for that. So you know what that means, someone could drown!!!

Interesting to note that the one who looks like a lesbian is a lesbian and Jeff Kent donated $15,000 to support the controversial Prop 8 in California.

Will sparks fly? Tune in tomorrow to find out.
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