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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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As I said, "even if the bat-books were largely unaffected." That doesn't mean they were immune to change. Consider that Batman and Green Lantern interacted numerous times with characters who no longer exist.
Or, rebooted to be ALMOST the same as they were. But, yeah, its a reboot--even if somethings didn't change that much.

If you look at it as a clean slate, its pretty consistent.
Yeah, it seems to me now that it's basically an across the board reboot. Even in terms of the Bat-, Lantern-, and Legion-continuities. Sure, they may keep more of their histories, in the broad strokes, but at least some details have changed. In Batman's case, there's not any more of a clean slate than post-CoIE or Zero Hour. Most of the history may be there, but some points have been altered.

In Green Lantern's case, I doubt much more than the previous (post-Rebirth) volume can be counted on... Much the same with the Legion. Little can be counted upon as concrete prior to Levitz' return; even the Geoff Johns stuff immediately prior to that is no longer a comfortable fit, what with the changes to Superman.

I think that bugs me the most... In the couple of years between the 'real' Legion's return in The Lightning Saga and Flashpoint, we got to the point that practically everything from the Silver age Legion history was in continuity again. Now it's up in the air. Of course, as a long time Legion fan, I should be used to that by now...

Long Live The Legion!
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