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Re: Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series stand

Okay, so I'll be the one to say I love this series without reservation. I don't know if it's because I've never played the game or not, but if it is, whatever. My favorite character isn't in the game anyway.

I'd watch any kind of movie with Milla Jovovitch in it, and have, good and bad. (Right now, some wise-ass out there is asking "What GOOD movie has she ever been in?" It's a matter of perspective...) She's pretty, she's ridiculously athletic, and I get kind of a nerd-woody whenever I hear her talk with that pack-a-day-cig-habit voice of hers. If the film had cut out right after she said "My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation..." I would still have considered the ticket and the 3-d glasses money well spent.

I was glad Michelle Rodriguez got to play the girly-girl as well as the bad-ass, just to prove she was capable of being girly on screen. Maybe she'll get more parts like that from now on.

And (sigh) Sienna Guillory's American accent STILL sucks. I just wish she'd stop trying.

Sure, beyond the zombies and the automatic weapons and the monsters there isn't much to this film, but it's your own fault if you went to the movie looking to have some kind of literary experience. It's a zombie flick series based on a video game. I'm pretty sure none of the films will bring enlightenment or greater understanding of the Universe, so I don't waste time looking for one.
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