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Yeah, I have to agree with JarodRussell here. By making the manifestations of the Prophets, such as the Orbs, things that everybody agreed were objectively real, the Bajoran religion failed to be analogous to any Abrahamic human religion. In that context, Kira's statement about faith was not only banal but also relatively shallow.
I actually disagree with you on that one. While there were demonstrably real artifacts, and there had been interactions with the Prophets, the question was really, "What significance do we accord to all of this? Do we treat it as a solely natural phenomenon, or do we have faith that it is something more?" That is indeed a leap of faith.

About DS9's take on religion, aside from a few episodes that didn't go well ("In the Hands of the Prophets," for one, for failing to show the complexity of the debate it was an allegory to, and not showing, aside from a throwaway line from Bareil, that there is a middle option requiring the rejection of neither science, nor faith), I would say it was quite even-handed. People of faith ran the gamut from tolerant to bigoted, open-minded to closed-minded, militant to peaceful, and everything ini between. That's how it is in real life. Not all or mostly one, or the other.
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