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Re: Dragon Age III: Inquisition

I expect Inquisition will mirror Mass Effect 3 in a sense, by balancing the heavier mechanics of the original game with the streamlining of its first sequel. Can't wait to hear more about the new engine.

I'm not as concerned about the story; for all its shortcomings, DA2 still (mostly) delivered plot-wise and excelled at characterization. Sure, the Qunari thread was relatively pointless, and the multi-year transitions mishandled, but the implications of the endgame hours and that cliffhanger? Enticing as hell. Loved the framing device too, though I doubt Bioware will draw from that well again.

Multiplayer? I'll probably just ignore it. Hard to imagine how that will work, especially without knowing more about the engine. I'm hoping it'll be co-op centric, or even better, asynchronous or otherwise largely passive, perhaps along the lines of Demon's/Dark Souls.
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