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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

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One strange or dumb thing in the episode is how they have the one Vulcan there (like they always do) and he pretty much goes along with all of it.

I would think a Vulcan would be the first one to say that the plan was illogical.
Sure, maybe your typical Vulcan. But this was a RED SQUAD Vulcan. As a member of Red Squad, he would have an inflated sense of success, potentially succeeding at everything he has ever attempted, and his youthful logic would tell him their chances of success were high.
I could never get that scene. Vulcans are supposed to be raised to logic, if anything, with their skills, a Vulcan should have been captain or first officer.

Instead this one hears their plan, sees how illogical or stupid it is, and still joined in.

There should have been nothing but objections from him, or why bother to have a Vulcan there to begin with?

This is what Vulcans do--they analyze and object or agree.

They were spoiled by Starfleet and propped up by them, given special assignments, quarters, treatment.

"We're Red Squad! And we can do anything!"

Didn't Nick Locarno and Wesely Crusher say the same thing?
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