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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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D'Lenn's parts were interesting, although I was pretty sure she'd be staying on B5. I'm not sure why having a single space station is so important to the future, but it still made for a good story.
The station isn't important in and of itself so much as it's function. Nowhere else in the galaxy is there a place where so many races can meet on neutral ground. It's a crossroads. Most of the Minbari leadership certainly don't see it as vital to their continued existence, but that's because they're very much isolationists. Delenn isn't so close minded, but as you've seen, her influence isn't what it once was.
I need to learn better punctuation/get better writing skills (I guess K-12 wasn't enough ) When I said I didn't know why a station was so important to the future, I meant Babylon 4, not 5. I was wondering why the future (and I think its the future because of who The One turned out to be) needed a single space station so badly that they'd rip it from its own time. I mean, I guess its well armed, but its not mobile. If they can take it through time, you'd think they could just build their own station.
Can't really comment on any of that without getting into spoiler territory, except to echo Jan in saying that actually, yes B4 was mobile and you should most definitely keep watching...and listening. As with all things B5--especially when you think you have things figured out--it's always wise to remember what G'Kar told Sakai in 'Mind War': "No one here is exactly what he appears." Of course, most of the time this only becomes apparent in hindsight.
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