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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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And even if CBS ascribes to the glut theory of Star Trek (has anyone ever officially said they believe that?), the glut has long since dissapated away. It's more of a starvation situation now.
What rock are you living under? I have access to seven-hundred hours of Trek at my fingertips.

If there is a new live-action Trek, my money is that it'll be on CBS. Trek has proven time and again that a wide range of age groups watch it. Why eliminate potential viewers by turning Trek into something it's not?
I'm living under the I-want-to-watch-something-NEW rock that I've always live under. I do have TOS and DS9 queued up on Netflix streaming right now, as well as Lost and Farscape. But I can't motivate myself to watch any of them yet, because I have an extremely strong preference for new stuff and only rarely will rewarch anything I've already seen. After the first time, 90% of the fun is gone.

Shows are not made for "all age groups." They are made for the groups that ads are sold for, usually the 18-49 demo. The trend in TV is to be even more targetted, and networks will always prefer to program for their own audience, since they are by far the easiest to market new shows to.

CBS doesn't make anything close to a full range of show types. Look at what the other networks are developing and compare it to CBS. CBS has the most boring-ass development of any network, nothing but cop shows and sitcoms. NBC may fall on its face all the time, but at least its willing to branch out occasionally with something like Smash. Even Revolution would be too out there for CBS.

Add to that the much higher standards CBS has for success. Any show that gets much under 10m audience is a failure on CBS, but a hit on NBC. With ENT getting 3-4m or so, even if it were 3x as popular, it would still be skating on thin ice on CBS. What is the point of reviving the franchise just to put it someplace where it probably can't survive regardless of how good it is?

The last thing we need is another failure on TV. I want a new show to be given the most favorable environment possible. CBS is poison. But 3-4m on cable could be a perfectly comfortable level of success. Netflix's expectations are hard to judge since they've just started doing original content but it's probably similar to other subscription based services.

If NBC or FOX held the rights to Star Trek, I'd leave open some hope of a return to broadcast. NBC is desperate for anything and FOX has a young male demo skew that is right for the franchise. But CBS couldn't be more wrong.
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