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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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I remember it took a lot longer for DVD to become established. I was collecting VHS up to 2000, and five years before that there was a small DVD shelf in HMV Central London which had about 30 or so titles. For those first five years, the shelf space only doubled year on year, while the majority of the shop floor remained devoted to VHS.
Don't mean to doubt you, but you may want to double-check your dates.

DVD was NOT around in 1995!!

The first DVD discs were released, here in the UK, in 1998 (like you say, with only minimal shelf space). It only took 2 or 3 years for DVD to topple VHS. By 2001, DVD was outnumbering VHS easy.
I can't speak for Europe but DVD was certainly beginning here in 1995/1996. They were rare and the discs and players were expensive but they were certainly around.
I must be getting Home Video and PCs mixed up then. I bought a PC with a DVD-ROM in 1996, and I remember there were a few movies on disc floating around then demoing the technology in PC shops on Tottenham Court Road. I didn't actually watch a DVD on it for about 4 years though.

I guess DVD-ROMs predate DVD Players.
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