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A missile capable of warp would be a fairly natural thing for Starfleet to have, though - and warp capacity for Starfleet hardware is generally indicated by the presence of nacelles.

Cardassians, of course, needed no stinking nacelles for their warp-capable missile. Then again, their ships don't use nacelles, either.

I'm sort of fancying a compromise interpretation here: those things in "BoBW" could well be former small starships, of "corvette" or "patrol boat" size judging by how they aren't invisibly small against the multi-kilometer Cube - but converted into suicide drones by removal of crew and addition of explosives. We do see the exact same design up close in "New Ground", after all, serving as a test vessel for the warp soliton, and the detailing there suggests a relatively substantial craft or vessel. (Also note the cameo in the "Unification" junkyard!)

Timo Saloniemi
Photon torpedoes seem to get by just fine without nacelles.

Nevertheless, while the nacelle argument does seem reasonable, especially for a craft larger than a photon torpedo, my purpose in that constructive criticism was simply to point out that certain types of profiles suggest unmanned vehicle more so than others, simply because of the tropes involved. In the case of this profile, it's hard to get a read on it.
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