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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

The darker tone didn't put me off. The nonsensical characterizations did.

Young was a passive-aggressive bully. How someone like that would get to be a USAF Colonel is beyond me.

Rush, at least, made sense. He was brilliant, and came from academia, where that kind of eccentricity is tolerated as long as you've got the intelligence and insight to make it worthwhile.

Chloe served virtually no purpose. Wray, who should have acted like a leader, instead fomented discord between the military and civilians. It was her job to manage this situation and she utterly failed to do so, so we were left with loose-cannon Rush butting heads with Young all the time, and everyone else was in the crossfire.

This goes back to a central criticism of the show that was leveled by plenty of people: Young's statement that "these are the wrong people, in the wrong place" implying that Destiny is crewed by a bunch of inept malcontents. These are people trusted with knowledge of the Stargate program--perhaps the biggest secret in the world--and they're a bunch of fucking clowns. If only it had been a deliberate commentary on the failures of bureaucracy and good governance, but instead they just used it to sow conflict.

The people charged with leading this group were ultimately the most dysfunctional. It's like crazy rises to the top in the Stargate program.
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