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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Other than Dr. Rush, no one seemed to really understand what was going on. I could understand if they were arguing over competing plans over the best way to get home. But no one besides Dr. Rush even seemed to have the foggiest idea of where to start on that front.
And how could they? They were not the expedition meant to go to Destiny, they were a group of misfits who happened to be staffing Icarus Base. The only reason Rush knew the score was because he'd been planning this from the get-go, and was their expect in alien technology. Also, if you remember, it was Young refusal to listen to Rush that prompted the mutiny in the first place.

Mostly, they were just bickering because that's what so much of sci-fi is nowadays: People bickering like petty jerks whenever the going gets tough.
Because that's what people do. Sci-fi on TV has moved past the Trek paradigm of virtuous heroes exploring the galaxy. It doesn't ring true. Human beings aren't like that. And I'd love to hear an example of people bickering for the sake of bickering on the show.
The thing is, if you hate Rush, and you hate Young, watching them bicker isn't going to entertain you. Internal Conflict isn't necessarily a problem, but, you've got to have some appreciation for at least one of the characters in that squabble. That was SGU's problem in S1, there was no character for the audience to appreciate, other than the "lovable nerd stereotype", and that doesn't help if all the internal conflict is Rush and Young fighting, or Camille demanding her IOA authority, or Chloe and Matt's sex and drama show, or Greer walking around like a bully thug. Nothing wrong with giving a character a flaw, that makes them more real, but, you've got to also give them something that's not a flaw. They were jsut so shallow, and their character was nothing but, the flaw. Season 2 rectified that for alot of the characters, and that's when the show started to become entertaining and eventually ended actually being very good.
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