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Re: What do want to see from a new series

- I'd like to see some more 'realistic' physics or at least an acknowledgment that space is 3-dimensional, like what was shown on BSG:
e.g. Moving ships should not come to a complete stop or even slow down when they lose power; ships should be able to simply 'flip' using thrusters when turning around, particularly in battle; a group of ships should not be able to 'blockade' a planet when they're all on just one side of it.

- NO Brannon Braga - no more writers who paint themselves into a corner for 40 minutes then just slap on a technobabble resolution - writers should know from the beginning where their script is headed, thats writing 101. Besides, Braga probably can't even book flights now without getting them canceled. Put up force fields, orbital cannon platforms, whatever it takes to keep him away from a Trek production.

- No more forehead-of-the-week aliens, who pretty much live exactly the way humans do; let's meet more really alien aliens; the milky way has been around billions of years; I'm sure there are plenty of species that evolved on different timetables. At the very least, the different humanoid species, despite being supposedly 'planted' by the same beings, should have evolved in a larger variety of ways, beyond what types of food they eat and the color of their ships.

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