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Re: S4's Rejoined

This episode would have been far more interesting to me if it were about reversing roles. Kahn was the woman and Dax was the man in the past. It would be far more interesting whether the roles would be reversed and Kahn would now be a man. It would have been extremely interesting on seeing how would Kahn react when Dax comes with a (woman's) perfume bottle as a gift.

But this would be influenced by each one's current personalities. Would a current male Kahn take offense? or would he be understanding? Would they adjust to the current sex reality? or would they still dwell on how things were in their past? It all depends on how are them both.

Trill concept about symbiont-host interaction reminds me about reincarnation. Supposedly a man may reincarnate as a woman and viceversa. The case about a new male Kahn and a new female Dax would be more akin a story about reincarnation with the added twist that both are fully aware of their past incarnations. A female-female story also reminds me of reincarnation, but the much trumpeted theme of homosexuality just eclipses the subject. It's still interesting, but the other one is better (to me).

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