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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

Well, I liked it.

Loved seeing a computer page dossier on Brother Data... so the guy DOES exist outside of Artie's imagination. Loved learning not only do the Templars exist (since Mrs. F is aware of them), also loved learning that Lena told Mrs. F about the astrolabe and Mrs. F trusts HG enough to give it to her. I just hope Mrs. F wasn't wearing a thimble on her pinkie!

The stuff with Claudia/Jinks/Jinks' Mom was insightful into his character. Corny? Oh yeah, but this show is often that, so I'm inured to it.

The thing I really liked, however, is HG discovering WHY Artie thinks so highly of her. Giving one's life for one's friends is a pretty big step.

I wonder, as HG walked away from that conversation, if she was wondering WHY she did that?
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