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Australis posts:
If everyone has a vision, then there's no direction. Everyone just takes off in their own direction.
common interests make them cooperate all the time.

A good leader has a big vision, then extends his hand to you and says, "Come with me, this will be good". I get that vibe from Obama.
I don't thinlk Obama has that anymore, he is just an another politician in most peoples eyes.Blacks will show up because he is the first machiavellian supervillain among them who achieved the presidency. We will see what the rest will decide.

Obama has the vision, but a lot of shit, like the GFC, have got in the way,
Obama made plenty of promises he could had kept like the ones about openess in the US government.

frankly, under Bush or Romney - those guys would just close everything.
What do youu mean by that?

Mitt is an oppurtinist and Bush was a "compassianate conservative". I don't recall government shrinking under Bush.
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