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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 (Discussion, Spoilers)

I'm so happy this show is back. I had no idea how much I missed it until tonight.

Richard remains one of my favorite characters and I really felt for him in regards to Angela. He really cared for her and the way Gillian's is treating Angela's memory is disgraceful. Good on Richard blowing away Manny even though I'll miss his character.

I'll agree that they've successfully managed to make Van Alden a sympathetic character, which is remarkable considering how much I despised him before. But hey, I despised Jimmy until late season (and then they killed the bastard!). I'm going to make a prediction now: He's going to get involved with the situation in Chicago and will use his knowledge as an inside man to make good with the agency.

Nucky is already got himself a new squeeze on the side (which really isn't surprising at all) while Margaret has a new crusade. I look forward to see how that all plays out.

Really, the only bad thing about this episode was the severe lack of Chalky White.
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