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Re: Was Neelix bordering being a stalker?

I'm imagining that a moisture collector looks like a lamppost with umbrella vein like protuberances... And they don't farm grain, they farm water, and if there are thousands of them all over uncle Owen's farm... How big a dick is a guy who owns an entire farm who lets his sister and and nephew be sold into slavery? Did we miss the scene where Ben threatens to cut his winkle off if Owen doesn't take responsibility for his family... Or was it Beru's farm and Owen married into money too late to save his sister?

Anyways, those womprats are either going to fuck, fight, or eat those moister collectors, I mean seriously it's a tall drink of water in the middle of the desert, so why the frakk ain't they going gobble on that? So yes it's possible that his homicidal interests of young Skywalker coincided well with his chores.
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