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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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When I look at that banner with Ralph Fiennes, it makes me think it's confirmation that he will be the new "M".
Yeah, either he's a new M, or else he's actually the villain and Bardem is his henchman!

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Not Skyfall related, but as this seems to be our current Bond thread...
Well, I'm *trying* to enjoy the James Bond concert on the BBC Red Button, hosted by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, but their total inability to get any fucking fact right is really making it a chore... (FYEO was 1981, not 83, City Of Lovers was not the "title theme" for Casino Royale, FRWL was 63 not 65, etc etc ad infinitum.) I used to think Kermode knew stuff about film, but he's totally blown all respect I had for him here. What a clusterfuck.
I'm midway listening through the podcast. I understand it's probably a licencing issue but hearing just the opening and closing bars of the music is damn annoying, and they don't even explain what before hand.

Funniest fail for me so far is when they go to interview one of the orchestra who says "You expect me to talk?" and it goes right over Mayo's head...
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