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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Thumbs up on the 50 ft. Yeoman.
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Yeah, that's really awesome!

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Not too difficult, really. Copying, pasting, masking, rotating, resizing, blending...
Yeah, but you assembled a sleeve from scratch, getting the folds and shading just right. Very nice. Doesn't look easy to me, but then I'm more of a hack who relies upon being able to find pieces from other images and cannibalize them to fit.

I need to get back into combing through on-line Photoshop tips again... lots of info out there, making it difficult to find what's worthwhile. Any particular tutorials/websites you'd recommend?
I used TOS screencaps for parts of the uniform, that's where the folds came from - I didn't draw them from scratch, or anything.

And as for tutorials - I don't use them much. Most tutorial sites have so much info it's hard to find what you want. My techniques are pretty basic, really. Masking/blending is the main one to Google for.
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