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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Watching the pilot "live" after having watched it online last week. The problems I saw last week are still there...

The frustrating lack of real explanation about 'the event' and why these usb/dongles work to counteract whatever happened. Also...I feel bad for anyone who depends on a pace maker or was on life support at the time of the black out, they probably died nearly immediately, possibly painfully if the functionality went in and out.

WHY did the plane suddenly 'fall'? That's not how inertia works! Unless that's how 'physics went crazy' but inertia seems to work fine for everything else later. I'm betting it's because it 'looked cool'.

Can't stand the Charlie character or the actress that plays her. She's just annoying and kind of naive, a stuck-up Katniss with a bit of Little Mermaid's Ariel with her collection of things from 'before'. That and the commercials I've seen where they have her character saying "When the world lost power I found mine". Pretentious, girl-power baiting when we see right from the pilot she still needs a man or someone to save her, whether it's Nate, her uncle or the doctor lady. She's a silly girl playing the grown-up's game that her father never got time to explain to her.

If we're going to be following Charlie and/or her brother throughout the series I give up here and now. Horrible acting, horrible characters.
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