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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

Red Squad may have represented the best and the brightest, but somewhere along the way, the Starfleet Academy instructors lost prospective on the importance of actual experience gained through field duty, and the first few years of being an officer. Red Squad may have been naturally gifted, but talent only takes you so far.

As Kirk said to Savik, you have to learn why things work on a starship. Turning them lose, with a Defiant class ship no less, was nothing less than negligent on the part of Starfleet Command and the Academy. I'm all for advanced training, but there have to be limits, specifically when you're encouraging that best of the best mentality that was indoctrinated into the minds of everyone aboard that ship. The Academy had them so full of themselves, that they actually believed they could do anything, to the point of invincibility.

Even Jake pointed out that his father, with all his combat experience wouldn't have undertaken such a mission, but they just casually dismiss it, because they're better than officers who have spent their entire careers learning how to lead a ship and crew into combat.

I will say though, that I don't buy that idea that a Vulcan would have seen what they were doing was doomed to failure, based on logic alone. We've seen Vulcans use logic to justify plenty of things that we might think goes against the edicts of acting in a strictly logical fashion.

This is to say nothing of the notion that all Vuclans are strictly logical, the same way all Bajorans are religious, or all Cardassians love to give sweeping long winded monologues. I'm sure that just like us, Vulcans are plenty diverse in their adherence to logic.

It seems like someone would come up with some sort of motto about diversity and all the combinations in which it might be found.

That being said, this is a failing of Trek as a whole, which has routinely boiled down entire races into one defining characteristic. Vuclans are logical. Bajorans are spiritual. Cardassians are oppressive. Ferengi are greedy profitiers. And Klingons are warriors. Anything that's outside that, is an abnormality, like Sybok. A passionate Vulcan. Who could have imagined such a thing.

Overall, this is just a filler episode, with some nice space battles. It's certainly not the worse episode of the series, but it's by no means the best either and it certainly pales in comparison to the other war centric episodes that made ds9 stand out; such as The Siege of AR-558, Nor The Battle to the Strong, and In the Pale Moonlight.
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