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Re: TNG two parters were better than TNG movies!

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I've been rewatching TNG recently and I've noticed how much I've enjoyed the two parters on the show. I thought some of the two parters were so much better than the movies.

The Best of Both Worlds was better than First Contact. Nothing in FC was as chilling as seeing Locutus for the first time. No lame Borg Queen yet.

Unification made better use of Spock compared to how Generations used Kirk. The show actually gave a better ending to Spock and we of course got the mind meld between Spock and Picard. GEN had a bridge falling on Kirk.

Redemption was the better movie about civil war compared to the rebellion in Insurrection. Redemption was a huge story about the Klingon Empire with possible huge consequences for the galaxy if the Duras family had won. Insurrection had the crew defending a bunch of unlikable space hippies.

All Good Things was a better finale for the crew than Nemesis! No explanation needed.

Why do you guys think? Do you agree? Why did they drop the ball so much on the movies when they were doing so much better on the show?
much as I love Best of Both Worlds, First Contact just edges it for me, just had a more epic feel to it as much as anything, and the added time travel element I really liked.

agree with the others, though I liked all the TNG films to a point, even Nemesis I enjoyed till the ending.
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